Genre: science fiction

Welcome to Night Vale 0

Welcome to Night Vale

The Welcome to Night Vale podcast started in 2012. It spawned at book in 2015. Then two more books, It Devours and The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in your House. This review is about that...

The World We Make 0

The World We Make

The World We Make is just as good as The City We Became. There is nothing worse than a sequal that doesn’t live up to the original. Jemisin didn’t let us down and created another remarkable...

Punk Rock Jesus 0

Punk Rock Jesus

If someone asked me to name two things that didn’t go together I would say punk music and Jesus. Naturally Punk Rock Jesus caught my attention. Put on by Vertigo Comics, the same company...

The Hotchkiss 0

The Hotchkiss

A novella in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre, it’s an over the top, tongue in cheek tale about a malevolent GPS (the Hotchkiss) that assists a hen-pecked husband dispose of his nagging wife.

Tranquility 0


Tranquility is such a hard book to rate. It’s even harder to talk about without giving away spoilers. I feel the same way about this novella that I do about Dune. It’s in interesting...

Recognition: Oxygen Debt 1

Recognition: Oxygen Debt

Recognition: Oxygen Debt is very much hard science fiction, meaning it focuses on the science behind what is going on in the story. Back in the Golden Age of Science Fiction hard science fiction...

Glitterati 1


Glitterati by Oliver K. Langmead is, in the words of Jack Edwards, chef’s kiss. This book is amazing. I want to tell everything about it, but I don’t want to give spoilers. Simone St....