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Dracula 1


Dracula is required reading for one of my university classes and this review started out as a joke. I asked a friend if I should write a scathing review of Dracula and was told...

Queentide 0


I will admit, considering what is going on in the United States right now, I often forgot that Queentide was taking place in near future Australia. I wonder how much of U.S. current events...

Celestial Persuasion 0

Celestial Persuasion

As I was reading Celestial Persuasion I kept thinking that it read like a classic that I would read in English class. It seriously has that feel to it, that it was written in...

Punk Rock Jesus 0

Punk Rock Jesus

If someone asked me to name two things that didn’t go together I would say punk music and Jesus. Naturally Punk Rock Jesus caught my attention. Put on by Vertigo Comics, the same company...

Shadow Rose 0

Shadow Rose

Shadow Rose is the tale of what happens when the lives of mortals get mixed up in the lives of the gods. This remarkable fantasy is the debut work of Elsie Quail. While the...

Openly Straight 0

Openly Straight

I have an annoyance I need to get out of the way before I start this review. Several sites list this as a children’s book. Surprised the book banning police haven’t come for it...

The Hotchkiss 0

The Hotchkiss

A novella in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre, it’s an over the top, tongue in cheek tale about a malevolent GPS (the Hotchkiss) that assists a hen-pecked husband dispose of his nagging wife.

Tranquility 0


Tranquility is such a hard book to rate. It’s even harder to talk about without giving away spoilers. I feel the same way about this novella that I do about Dune. It’s in interesting...