Contemplating “Well Read”

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  1. wickedjr89 says:

    Wonderful and thoughtful post! I hadn’t decided if I wanted to keep my blog post about “well read” and i’m definitely not now. I was too afraid of offending people while trying to say the same things lol, it really didn’t work, so i’m going to have to redo that post. Sometimes I worry too much about offending people.

    You read so much more than I did growing up! Growing up though I was disappointed I couldn’t see anyone like me in media. Queer and disabled, in chronic pain, feeling like an outsider. So when I decided to try reading again in 2015 (at 26 years old) I fell in love realizing, finally, there are diverse books! And I found booktube and a part of that was booktubers of color that got me to realize, sure I was seeking out queer and disabled books (the later still not so easy to find but it’s getting there) but authors of color weren’t something I was thinking about since i’m white. So now I always want to try to read diversely in every way (and it’s a journey).

    The only thing looking up the authors makes me think (I do it to just to see what information is available) is that there are people that have demanded authors out themselves (to make sure they are “allowed” to write whatever book they wrote). It’s hurt some authors. Authors don’t owe us that information. Sure i’ll look them up and see if they have that information publicly available, no harm in that, if it’s there that’s great, but to those demanding (I know not you) authors out themselves, that’s harmful. We don’t know their life situation.

    I agree with death of the author, we all can read a book differently and that doesn’t necessarily make anyone wrong as we come with different life experiences. School was also a factor in killing the love of reading in me. I know I struggled with reading comprehension in school but I always had a desire to read. I’d read cereal boxes, I was that kid. I saw my dad reading and want to read. But combined with my struggle with reading comprehension and lack of seeing any character even remotely like me, school just killed it. I’m glad I found my way back to it again, better late than never.

    Sorry for commenting a blog post on your blog post XD.

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