I read. I read a lot. I actually read 99% of what is recommended to me, regardless of what it is. I go through books rather quickly too. Quicker than most people. Once I start reading I do not stop. I am addicted to books. There are worst things in the world to be addicted too, but a book addiction is not without its problems. Like when you run out of places to put bookcases. Or you move and loose the bookcases that are built into the wall and have to make an IKEA run and come home with a dozen flat packed bookcases you have to assemble.

And so “The Book Nerd” was created. I used to do move reviews, so I figured why not start a book review blog. What will you find here, you ask? Well, book reviews. What makes this site different than other book review blogs? I have no idea. I have honestly never looked at a book review website. I can tell you what you find here.

  • Spoilers. It is totally possible to do a review without ruining a book for someone else. If you want a detailed plot synopsis you will have to go somewhere else. Sorry.
  • New Releases. That’s not entirely true. One or two might sneak in, but for me, this is not about giving more attention to whatever is on the New York Times Best Seller list. I rarely read anything on best seller lists. Plenty of good books are written and released that never make these lists. Other books make it there then are forgotten years later. This is about good books, not the most popular books.

A lot of the reviews that will be found on here are books that I am currently reading for University. An awesome thing about University reading lists is that you end up discovering books you wouldn’t have found otherwise. These are the books you don’t necessarily find in bookstores because they fall outside of “reading norms”, meaning white men or women’s romance. Two of my favourite writers are white men, and I have no problems finding their books. However, I had no idea who Octavia Butler was. I had never heard of Nnedi Okorafor. These are authors whose books I had to order or buy (at an inflated price) at the university because they are not kept on the shelves at bookstores. I highly recommend both of these authors. I find it rather disheartening that they are not easily found. More people should get to read them because they are incredible storytellers.

In short, you may not find the most recent releases or the most popular books, but you will find something worth reading. I promise.